Cartoni Jacobini Palace

Built in XIV century, with a regular ashlar prospectus, completely renovated on XVII century and now property of the ancient roman family Cartoni. Cartoni's Palace is a part of the huge project of the XIV century Farnese Square, edified by the cardinal Alessandro Farnese, future pope Paolo III: he bought many houses on the square to demolish and create an adeguate space for the namesake family palace, Farnese Palace, now became the italian embassy of France projected by the architect Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane.

Cartoni Palace is besi de the building complex of Santa Brigida, national church of the Swedish, and it also seems to be closely linked to its construction: some specific texts about roman churches speak. About an ancient "hospice" older than the church itself.

So it could be considered that anciently the palace like the other constructions adjacent were somehow part of the Santa Brigida's goods and that also the next transformations in a guest-house corroborate the suggestive hypothesis that previously in earliest times, it was like a convent shelter. Tue palace was then for a certain period legacy of Ojetti family heritage, until it became principal residence of the illustrious roman family of Cartoni.

Two palace opens on the ground floor three arched doors, which one with wooden door; on the first floor, three windows with architraves with pediments tilts and stone sills with the centrai opens into
a balcony supported by corbels; above, a mezzanine of three windows.
After the marcapiano cornice, decorated with a stucco leaves frieze, a second row of three windows with an architrave supported by corbels and a second mezvmine; crowning a molded cornice.